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Hartnell Governor Construction, Working And Advantages

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Hartnell governor construction and working

Hartnell governor is a spring controlled centrifugal governor, in which a spring controls the movement of the ball and hence the sleeve. Above fig shows a Hartnell governor. It consists of a frame /casing, in which a precompressed helical spring is housed. The casing and spring can rotate about the spindle axis. The spring applies a downward force on the sleeve through an adjustable collar. The spring force can be adjusted by a nut provided. Two bell crank levers are pivoted at O,O’ to the frame, each carrying a ball at one end a roller at another end. The roller fits into the grooves of the sleeve.

The sleeve moves up and down depending on the governor speed. When the speed of governor/ engine increase, the ball tends to fly outward from the axis of governor, but balls movement is constrained. The bell crank lever moves on pivot, roller end of lever lifts the sleeve upward against the spring force. This movement transferred to the throttle valve through the suitable mechanism, the result is a low fuel supply and decreasing speed.

When speed decreases the sleeve move downward, and throttle open to more fuel supply; which results in increasing speed.

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Advantages of Hartnell governor

  • It can be operated at very high speed
  • Smaller in size
  • Very close regulation
  • Pre-compression can be adjusted to give required equilibrium speed.

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