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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Mecholic makes use of all available measures to prevent any sort of loss or theft of the collected information. This Privacy policy aims to inform the type of personal data we collect from you, how we use and with whom we share.

Each time you visit Mecholic, our server automatically recognizes and logs your IP address. This is basically the address of the computer that sends a request to our web server. No personal data obtained in this exchange of information. This data may share to third party services (social media, google analytics, etc.)
During a visit to the website, you may asked for contact information (name, email address, phone number). This information collected with the approval of the client. Your identity will not become public information on the Internet because you visited our site.

The Mecholic use cookies and other similar mechanisms. Cookies are files sent to a browser by a web server to record the User's activities on a particular website. If you agree, your browser adds a small text file. Each "cookie" has a unique identifier assigned. Only the originating Web site can access a cookie that has been left in a previous session (when you return to that site).

Cookies are essential to the functioning of the web browsing, providing many advantages. The first purpose of Cookies is to facilitate the User faster access to selected services. In addition, Cookies customize the Services. Cookies allow a website, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or their equipment and depending on the information it contains and how you use your computer. 

How to disable cookies in major browsers:
Typically, you can block the Browser Cookies or not to accept cookies from a particular service. All modern browsers allow you to change the configuration of Cookies. Typically, these settings are found in the "Options" or "Preferences" menu of your browser. In addition, you can configure your browser or your e-mail program and install free add-ones to prevent cookies from being opened when opening an email. Mecholic guide the User regarding steps to access the setup menu of Cookies and in the case of private browsing in each of the major browsers:

•    Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Configuration.
For more information, you can refer to the Mozilla browser support or help.
•    Chrome: Settings -> Show Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content Settings.
For more information, you can consult the Google support or your browser's help.
•    Safari: Preferences -> Security.
For more information, you can refer to Apple support or your browser's help.
•    Internet Explorer: tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration.
For more information, you can consult the Microsoft Support or your browser's help.

Third Party Privacy Policies
The website Mecholic includes links to other websites. Mecholic does not control or take responsibility for personal information collected on these sites. Additionally, Mecholic is not responsible for the accuracy or the content of these sites.

Mecholic may change or update this privacy Policy due to legal requirements. We recommend that you review the privacy policy regularly.