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Comparison between Centrifugal and Inertia Governor

Here is the quick comparison between the centrifugal governors and inertia governor.

Centrifugal Governor
Inertia Governor
The operation of a centrifugal governor depends on the change in speed and centrifugal force on the governor balls.
In addition to centrifugal force, the position of governor ball and thus the operation of governor controlled by force of angular acceleration and retardation of the spindle.
Only centrifugal force is in controlling action
In inertia governor, both centrifugal force and inertia force are in action.
The sensitiveness is less when compared to inertia governor
Highly sensitive to varying load.
The response is slower than that of inertia governor
The reaction of inertia governor is faster than that of the centrifugal governor (quick response).
Easy to balance the revolving parts
Hard to balance revolving parts
This type of governor more frequently used.
They are not popular.

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