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Engine Governor General Terminology

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The important terms used in governors are listed below

Equilibrium speed of governor: It is the speed at which the governor is in complete balance. The governor balls, sleeve, arms do not tend to move at this speed.

Mean equilibrium of governor: it is the speed of governor when the ball or sleeve is in mean position.

Maximum and minimum equilibrium speed of governor: it is the speed of governor at which the radius of rotation of the ball is at minimum or in maximum, without tending any movement to either way.

Height of governor: it is the distance between the center of balls and the point where the upper arms of ball meet the spindle axis of the governor.

Radius of rotation: Horizontal distance of center of the ball from the axis of governor.

Sleeve lift of Governor: It is the vertical movement of sleeve due to increasing or decreasing of equilibrium speed. Downward movement may termed as negative sleeve lift.

Centrifugal force: the radially outward force on Governor ball due to the rotational speed.

Controlling force: the equal and opposite force to the centrifugal force to keep the governor in equilibrium.

🔗Governor controlling force and controlling force diagram

Effort of the governor: the force acting on the sleeve to lift it's to new equilibrium position due to change in speed.

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