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What Happens If I Misfuel My Car? (Petrol In Diesel Car Or Diesel In Petrol Car)

What Happens If I Misfuel My Car

What happens when you mistakenly put the put wrong fuel in car tank? It is not usual, but sometimes occurs. The error can be very serious; it always depends on the amount of wrong fuel and the time we have run the engine without realizing the error. These differences make simple scare talk or serious damage, according to the situation.

In all cases, whether a quantity of wrong fuel is large or small, if the driver has realized his mistake, it is best not to try to start the engine immediately and call for assistance or take the car to the workshop. Thus avoiding greater evils, with the emptying and cleaning engine, the problem will not go further.

The diesel fuel nozzle is wider than a nozzle of a Petrol hose, so physically it is almost impossible to put diesel into a car with the Petrol engine. However, the converse is possible. Either way, you must know the consequences of misfuel. Symptoms of putting wrong fuel in car is described below.

Petrol in diesel engine

Petrol in diesel engines is worse than diesel in Petrol engines.
The diesel engine operates at higher pressure than a Petrol engine. Since Petrol is highly volatile than diesel, Petrol gets pre-ignited by compression and creates shock waves. That cause wrong dynamics of the engine. Which makes the engine run poorly and unevenly and thus damage the pistons, connecting rods.

In Diesel engines, main fuel pump uses diesel fuel flowing through it for lubrication. When you put petrol, the mixture acts as a solvent - which reduces the lubrication and can cause damage to the pump if not treated immediately.

Diesel in petrol engine

Theoretically, diesel does not burn in the Petrol engine. Diesel is much harder to ignite than Petrol and works at the very high compression to overheat the air in the cylinders and therefore, cause ignition. If the Petrol engine is hot enough (including the carburetor), then the diesel could vaporize enough to keep the engine running. The engine will start and run in an apparently normal manner until it stops.

What Happens If I Misfuel My Car

If the engine runs the diesel will be distributed to various parts of the engine. To fix this, you will need to drain the fuel tank and clean all engine parts, including nozzles and fuel circuit until there is no trace of diesel. If it has taken very little of diesel, the car will run and all that happens is that the engine puke fumes like a chimney and may damage the catalytic converter.

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