How To Tell What Side Is The Gas Tank On? Gas Tank Indicator Arrow -->

How To Tell What Side Is The Gas Tank On? Gas Tank Indicator Arrow

Car at gas station

Every driver knows which side they have to stop at the Gas station to refuel. Gas station fueling can be confusing, especially when driving a rented or borrowed car. Which side of the car do you stop at to refuel? What side of car has gas cover? This thought can be humorous at first.  Let us consider the case where we have to drive a rented or borrowed car. When approaching the gas station and choose to pick a side of the fuel dispensers, that's the question we have to deal with if we change our car frequently.

Every year dozens of cars pass through our hands. How do we know that where the vehicle’s fuel tank door is on, without looking down through the window? There is a simple way to find and verify it while driving, a rule that is true in almost all modern cars, except for some very rare case. A simple old trick you may know already.

Find the gas tank indicator arrow, you must look at the icon of the fuel dispenser. And that car dashboard icons usually accompanied by an arrow, or a triangle, which indicates exactly which side is the fuel tank door and therefore, the position where you have to stand at a gas station to refuel. If the quick arrow is right, the fuel door is on the right, and therefore, you have to stop your car on the left of the fuel dispenser.

The next time you pull up to a fuel station in a new car, just check the dashboard indicator and you'll know exactly which side to stop on. No more awkward moments at the pump, just quick and easy fueling!

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