Difference between Constant Choke Carburetor and Constant Vacuum Carburetor

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What is a constant choke carburetor?

Constant choke carburetor is the type of carburetor in which the air and fuel flow area is always kept constant. In constant choke carburetor, the air-fuel ratio is changed due to varying pressure difference or depression as per the demand. This type of carburetor should have a compensating device to avoid air-fuel mixture enrichment with the increase in speed. Example: Solex carburetor and Zenith carburetor.

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What is a Constant vacuum carburetor?

Constant vacuum carburetor is also known as variable choke, variable venturi carburetor. In this type of carburetor air and fuel flow area (size of the jet) is varied as per the demand. The air speed is set to get good atomization of fuel over the full engine speed. Under all running condition, the pressure depression or vacuum is maintained to be constant. This overcomes the need for compensating devices used in fixed choke carburator. Example: Carter carburator.

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