Proell Governor Working, Equation of Height -->

Proell Governor Working, Equation of Height

proell governor

Proell engine speed control governor is a type of gravity controlled centrifugal governor. Its construction is similar to porter mechanical speed governor (It has a central load like in the porter governor). However, in Proell governor, the balls are attached to the extension links as shown in fig.

The construction and working of Proell governor similar to porter governor. The only difference is that the governor balls are fixed at the upward extension of links. [Difference between Porter and Proell governor]

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Equation of height of Proell governor

When the length of arms equal to the length of links,
The height
Equation of height of Proell governor
h = Height of the governor- the vertical distance between the center of the ball and a point where the upper arms meets the axis of the spindle
m = Mass of the ball
M = Mass of center load and sleeve
ω = Angular velocity of the balls and arms about the spindle axis
g = Acceleration due to gravity

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  • For a given mass of Governor ball and center load the speed of Proell governor lower than that of porter governor.

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