What Is Tool Signature Of Single Point Cutting Tool? ORS and ASA System


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Tool signature/tool designation is a convenient way to describe the tool angles by using the standardized abbreviated system. The main types of tool signature system are given below

American Standard Association (ASA)

The ASA system consists of seven elements to denote a single point cutting tool. They are always written in the following order. Back rake angle, Side rake angle, End relief angle, Side relief angle, End cutting edge angle, Side cutting edge angle, and nose radius.

For example, tool signature 0, 10, 6, 6, 10, 12, 1 means
Back rake angle = 0°
Side rake angle = 10°
End relief angle = 6°
Side relief angle = 6°
End cutting edge angle = 10°
Side cutting edge angle = 12°
Nose radius = 1mm

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Orthogonal Rake system (ORS) or International system

The ORS system comprises seven parameters to describe a tool. The main elements of ORS designated in the following order Angle of inclination, Normal rake angle, Side relief angle, End relief angle, End cutting edge angle, Approach angle and Nose radius.
Example: Tool signature 5, 10, 6, 6, 5, 90, 1
Angle of inclination = 5°
Normal rake angle = 10°
Side relief angle = 6°
End relief angle = 6°
End cutting edge angle = 5°
Approach angle = 90°
Nose radius =1mm

Other systems are British system, German system (DIN system)

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