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Difference between Flat Belt Drive And V-Belt Drive

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Flat Belt Drive

V-Belt Drive
Flat belt has a rectangular cross section.
V-belts are characterized by their trapezium shaped cross section.
Two or more straps can be used on pulleys with multiple grooves.
Simple design, inexpensive and require little maintenance.

Construction of V-belt and V-groove pulleys is complicated and expensive compared to the flat belt.
Precise alignments of shafts and pulleys are not as critical with flat belts.
Require precise alignment for uniform tension across the section.
Friction engagement at the outer pulley surface.
Frictional engagement between lateral wedge surfaces of the belt.
The Slip may occur.
Slip is negligible due to wedging action between the belt and V-groove pulley.
Compared to v-belts, flat belts require significantly greater pretension to transmit a particular torque.
Require little pretension.
Flat belts can be used for long distances, up to 15 m.
V-belt cannot use for long distance because weight per unit length of the belt is greater than that of the flat belt. It used where pulleys were very near to each other.

V-belt provides compactness due to the small distance between the centers of the pulleys.
Low-velocity ratio.
High-velocity ratio.
It can deliver power at high speeds.

The centrifugal tension limits the speed of V-belt between 5m/s to 50m/s.
Power transmission capacity is low.
V-belt can transmit more power for the same coefficient of friction.
Efficiency is higher than V-belt drive.
Its efficiency is comparatively lower than the flat belt.
It can be used in a filthy atmosphere.
It cannot use in a nasty environment; it requires a casing.
Not used in the vertical direction.
V-belt can run even the belt is vertical.

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