What Is Chain Drive? Advantages and Disadvantages of chain drive over Belt and Rope Drive -->

What Is Chain Drive? Advantages and Disadvantages of chain drive over Belt and Rope Drive

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Introduction to chain drive

The belt drive and rope drive used in power transmission suffers the some extent of slipping. Then chain drive come into compete with other type by avoiding slipping. The chain drive is a way of mechanical power transmission. It consist of endless series of chain link known as roller chain which meshed with toothed sprocket gear. This type of power transmission mainly used in motor cycle.

The rigid links of chain hinged together by pin joint, that provide the chain necessary flexibility to wrap around the sprocket. The sprocket have projecting teeth of special profile and it perfectly fit in to the recess of chain link. Thus the sprocket and chain constrained to move together. The first sprocket in on the driving shaft, it will pull the chain. The chain then drag the second sprocket is on the drive shaft. By varying the diameter of input and output gears, the gear ratio can be altered. For example one rotation in bicycle pedal cause more than on one rotation of gear mounted on wheel. Without slipping, chain drive ensures the perfect velocity ratio.

Advantages and disadvantages of chain Drive over belt and rope drive

Advantages of chain drive

  1. No slip and creep during the power transmission, it ensure the perfect velocity ratio. The output side rotate at precise speed.
  2. High transmission efficiency than friction drive.
  3. They can be operated under adverse thermal and atmospheric conditions.
  4. It can operate under wet conditions.
  5. It can use in both short and long distance power transmission.
  6. It transmit more power than belt and rope drive.
  7. The chain drive permits high velocity ratio in single step.
  8. In low speed drives, chain drives are more practical than belt.
  9. Since all parts are made of metal, it occupy less area than belt drives.
  10. Less load on the shafts.
  11. Far less frictional loss
  12. One chain can be used to transmit motion to more than one shafts.
  13. The chains are often narrower than belt, it helps easy gear shifting (varying gear ration)

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Disadvantages of chain drive

  1. There may be velocity fluctuation and under excessively stretched chain conditions.
  2. Conventional chain drive suffers vibrations due to chordal effect.
  3. The production of chain drive is higher than belt drives.
  4. The chain drive needs accurate and careful mounting.
  5. The chain drive need careful maintenance, lubrication and slack adjustments.
  6. If there is no frequent proper lubrication the chain wear out faster than belts and ropes.

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