Advantages and Disadvantages of Pulley Used In Power Transmission (Pulley Drive) -->

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pulley Used In Power Transmission (Pulley Drive)


The pulley is a wheel on a shaft designed to support the movement and change the direction of force using tensioned rope (stretched rope). The surface of the pulley may have grooves. The drive elements (chain, rope, belt, etc. are called drive elements) runs over the pulley.

Advantages and application of Pulley

The main benefits of using pulley drive are listed below
  • It is one of the simplest tools for heavy lifting. The force needs to move (lift) to heavy object reduce dramatically.
  • It provides great support for the object.
  • Force can be applied in any direction. It helps to change the direction force or movement.
  • The pulley system does not store energy while performing the work.
  • Movable pulley – Pulley drive can also design so that it moves along with the load.
  • There are a number of types of rope and pulley systems (combined pulley system). Multiple wheels are used to lift heavy objects.

Disadvantages of Pulley

Despite many advantages there some disadvantages to pulley drive. That are listed below
  • The pulley works on friction. It may slip, then energy loss as heat.
  • To lift an object using combined pulley system, the actual distance traveled by the load increases (increase lifting distance). This means it takes more time to reach a required position when compared to movement without a pulley.
  • The drive elements experience continues tension on them, it causes the stretches. It may induce creep and fatigue of the rope (or any other drive element), eventually the rope breaks

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