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The Materials Used For Belt Drive

materials used in belt drive
The material used in the belt drive should possess certain qualities; it must be flexible, reliable and durable. According to the material, they are classified into the leather belt, cotton or fabric belt, rubber belt, balata belt and plastic belt. Application and service condition influence the selection of belt material.

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Leather belts

leather beltThe leather is the most significant material for flat belts. Leather belts are made from steer leather (cut from either side of the backbone of a steer). The fibers on the flesh side are stronger and parallel to the surface while fibers on the hair side are smoother and perpendicular to the surface. The hair side of the belt gives a more intimate contact between belt and pulley. It ensures the greater tensile stress on the outer side of the belt is on the flesh side of the belt.

Leather strips are bound together to increase thickness. According to the no. of layers, they are classified single, double ply.

Cotton or fabric belts

The fabric belts are commonly used for temporary application. Most fabric belts are made by the folding cotton duck to three or more layers and stitching together.  To make belt waterproof and injury proof, they are impregnated with linseed oil. The advantage of this type includes they are suitable for a warm climate, in damp and exposed positions. Normally used in farm machinery and belt conveyor since they need a little attention.

Rubber belt

They are made by impregnating fabric or canvas with rubber and have a thin layer of rubber on the surface of the belt. These types of the belt are very flexible, and they can be easily made endless.  They are reinforced with nylon strings or steel cords for greater tensile strength. The problem associated with them is, they are easily gotten destroyed when getting contact with oil, grease and unsuitable for a higher temperature. They are suitable where the belt exposed to moist, e.g. sawmills, paper mills.

Balata belts

They are similar to the rubber belt but stronger than rubber belt. In this type, balata gum is used instead of rubber. Balata belt is waterproof and has high resistance to acidic, alkaline materials, so they are used for food packing conveyor. It cannot use at a high temperature because balata becomes sticky gum at a higher temperature.

Plastic belt

Plastic belts are made of plastic sheets with rubber layers. They are abrasion resistant and have resistance to oil and moisture. The main advantage is that it can design into almost any width.

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