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Difference Between Rope Drive And Round Belt

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Round belt also known as O-ring belts. Round belts have a circular cross section similar to rope belt, but they are entirely different from each other in design and application. These belts are made in solid or hollow by a polymer material having good elasticity (polyurethane, Buna n, Neoprene, etc.).
These belts must be stretched to position on pulleys so that they do not need pretension. The elasticity of the round belt helps to absorb shock in case of overload. It also facilitates a compact design of the machine.

Round belts are designed to run over v-grooved pulleys. Round grooves only possible in guiding pulley (idler pulley). They can use in quarter turn drives.

While rope belts used for massive torque transfer, round belts are used for relatively small torque situations like electronic equipment’s, e.g., Printer.

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