Difference between Battery Ignition System and Magneto Ignition System in SI Engine

battery vs magneto ignition

🔗Working of Battery ignition system, advantages and disadvantages
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Comparison between battery ignition system and magneto ignition system
Battery Ignition System
Magneto Ignition System
Current required for spark or primary is circuit is obtained from a battery.
It produces the electricity required for spark plug or primary with its own electric generator.

This type of ignition system Battery is a necessary component.
Magneto ignition system does not need a battery.

The problem of discharged battery.
Since it does not require a battery there is no problem of discharged battery.

It is heavy and requires more space than a Magneto type.
 It occupies less space when compared to battery type.

Quality of spark does not depend on the engine speed.
The quality of spark depends on the engine speed.

Good quality spark is obtained at low speed.
At low speed or at starting the quality of spark is poor because the generator produces less energy than required.

At high speed, the spark intensity reduces, and hence the efficiency of system decreases.
As speed increases the spark intensity also increases. It improves the efficiency of the system.

Since this system contains battery it requires high maintenance.
Less maintenance is required when compared to battery type.

It finds application in SI engines of cars and light commercial vehicle.
They are mainly used in racing cars and two-wheelers.

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