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What Is Condenser? Classification of Condensers

what is condenser

What is condenser?

Condenser is a heat exchanging apparatus used to condense substance in a gaseous state to its liquid state by cooling. The heat (latent heat) from vapour/ gaseous substance is removed first by the walls of the condenser tube. then from tube to surrounding environment/ cooling medium. The common cooling medium is air or water or a combination of them. The size of condenser unit may vary from small handheld to the large industrial scale unit. The selection of condenser depends on the application, type of gas to be condense and the type of cooling medium.

The refrigeration unit uses a small air cooled condenser to get rid the heat absorbed from interior to the outside air. In an industrial process such as power plant uses large water cooled condenser. The water-cooled condenser operates at much lesser temperature than air cooled condenser.

Classification of condenser

According to the condensing medium
According to the condensing (cooling) medium used condensers are classified in to
1. Air cooled condenser: Air is used as condensing medium. It is the easiest arrangement.

2. Water cooled condenser: Water is used to removal of heat. Water cooled condenser is the most efficient.

3. Evaporative condenser: Both air and water is used as condensing medium. Evaporative condensers are least popular.

These are the three basic types of condensers

According the contact between condensate and condensing medium
1. Jet condenser/ mixing type condenser: Also called direct contact condenser. There is direct contact/ mixing between condensate and condensing medium.

2. Surface condenser/ non-mixing type condenser:  Also called indirect contact condenser. There is no contact between condensate and condensing medium, there is a barrier/ surface (eg: tube wall) between them.


According to condensing medium flow
1. Natural convection condenser: the movement of condensing medium is completely by the natural convection.

2. Forced convection condenser: the condensing medium is forced to flow through the condenser by using means such as fans, pumps.

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