Difference Between Air Cooled and Water Cooled Condenser -->

Difference Between Air Cooled and Water Cooled Condenser

air cooled vs water cooled condenser
🔗Common types of Condensers
🔗Air cooled condenser
🔗Water cooled condenser

Air-cooled condenser
Water-cooled condenser
Condensing medium used - air
Condensing medium used - water
Simple construction. Initial cost as well as the maintenance cost is very low
Complicated construction. Initial cost and maintenance cost is high
The hot air can easily dispose
Problem of disposal used water ( unless there is a recirculation system)
No handling problem
Water cooled condenser are difficult to handle
Air process low thermal conductivity and condenser capacity of air cooled system is very low
High thermal conductivity of water favours high heat transfer capacity
No corrosion due to air.
Higher chance of fouling effect. Water cause corrosion of condenser tubes.
Do not require sophisticated piping arrangement for carrying the air
Piping arrangement is required for carrying water.
Air cooled condenser are used low capacity operation
The water cooled condensing used for large capacity plants.
It requires more power for circulation of air and high power fans are noisy.
It requires less power to the circulation on water

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