Water Cooled Condenser, Advantages, Wastewater System and Recirculated Water System


What is water cooled condenser?

In water cooled condenser, Water is used as condensing medium. This type of condenser is preferred to large industrial purpose where inexpensive water and means for water disposal are available. The water system used in water cooled condenser either wastewater system or recirculated system.
Advantage: The water cooled system operates under lower temperature than the air cooled condenser. For a same temperature difference working at lower temperature range is more effective than high temperature.
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Wastewater system and recirculated water system

Waste water system: This system is used where large quantity of inexpensive water available as condensing medium. After the circulation through the condenser the warm water is then discharged to sewer.

Recirculated water system: The warm water from condenser is cooled down by some cooling arrangement then recirculated to the water system. The common arrangements for cooling down the warm water are Cooling water tower, spray ponds. The water pumps are used to the circulation of water. Small quantity of makeup water is used to replace the water that evaporates during the operation.

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