What Is Cutting Tool Design and Cutting Tool Design Procedure? -->

What Is Cutting Tool Design and Cutting Tool Design Procedure?


What is meant by cutting tool designing?

Designing of cutting tool is an important aspect of tool engineering. Cutting tool design meant that the determination of geometry, shape and dimension for all the elements of cutting tool by using calculation and graphical representation. Designing consider cutting edge to the elements of rigid mounting of tool. It requires understating of application difficulties of tool during the machining process. Cutting tool design must aware forces on the tool, feed rate, speed, chip disposal, accuracy required etc. The procedure of designing of single point cutting tool is applicable all other type cutting tool since shape and purpose of its cutting tips resemble with single point cutting tool.

🔗General procedure in machine design

Procedure for cutting tool design

The common procedure for the designing of any type of cutting tool is listed below

  • Study the components and calculate all forces acting on the faces of the tool.
  • Concept design and design consideration - Determine the optimum tool geometry. Consider the other elements like moulds, jigs and fixture. The process of manufacturing of the tool itself should be easy.
  • Chose the best suitable material for the tool, the selection may be affected by availability and cost of material.
  • Depending upon the accuracy required determine the tolerance on dimension of cutting element and mounting element of tool.
  • Determine the strength and ensure the rigidity of the cutting and mounting elements of tool.
  • Based on calculated dimensions prepare a working drawing of tool.

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