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What Is Jig And Fixture? Functions And Advantages

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Purpose of Jig and Fixture

Jig and fixture are work holding/ supporting devices used in the large scale manufacturing process. It used to locate securely and quick positioning of workpiece and tool. Jigs and fixture help to maintain the correct relationship between the cutting tool and workpiece, and they simplify the process of locating during a machining. They ensure that the every part machined within specified limits and tolerance. It helps the concept of interchangeability in the manufacturing process. Jig and fixture can use in matching, assembling as well as in inspection operation.

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Functions and Advantages of Jigs and Fixture

The use of jig and fixture provide the following advantages

  1. Jigs and fixture facilitate the holding, positioning and supporting of components and guiding of cutting tool.
  2. Multiple machining can be done in one setting of them. It enables the partial automation in manufacturing.
  3. They provide faster and profitable means of the manufacturing method. Proper spotting component allows the higher speed, feed rate and depth of cut.
  4. It maintains a high degree of accuracy, repeatability, and interchangeability in a competitive cost.
  5. Quick positioning of tool and workpiece. It reduces the loading, unloading and handling time required by the worker.
  6. Jig and fixture eliminate the frequent checking and marking of dimension of component during the manufacturing.
  7. They simplify the process of positioning and fixing. By decreasing the complexity of a process, It reduces operator error and operator fatigue.
  8. The requirement of highly skilled labors is reduced. Hiring of unskilled and semi-skilled workers again reduce the labor cost.
  9. Jigs and fixture ensure the uniformity in the finished product.
  10. Jigs and fixture increase the operator safety.

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