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What Is Milling and Milling Cutters?

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Introduction to milling operation

Milling is a material removal process by using multi teethed rotating cutting tool known as the milling cutter. The main advantages of milling machine are the high metal removal rate and accuracy. The main disadvantage is that it takes more space. Another limitation is that it cannot perform well at radial cuts.

The shape and size of the milling cutter are varying according to the specific purpose. Usually, the cutting edges can be re-sharpen. The cutter which re-sharp frequently last longer than those not re-sharpened. The high-speed steel is the commonly used material for milling cutter. They are also available with carbide tips at cutting edges.

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Milling cutter may be solid, solid carbide tipped, interlocking, and inserted blade cutters with high-speed steel. The advantages of carbide tipped milling cutters are listed below
  • Excellent surface finish and high-quality milling
  • High production capacity
  • Carbide milling cutter can be used to machine hardened steels.
  • The overall reduction in machining cost
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