How Cutting Force Related To Cutting Speed? -->

How Cutting Force Related To Cutting Speed?

cutting force vs cutting speed

Above graph shows the relation between cutting force and cutting speed.

In zone A of the figure, the cutting speed is very low, the corresponding cutting force is higher. Therefore in this region, the cutting tool of brittle material may suffer the breaking of cutting edge (e.g., Carbide tools). Similarly, at zone C the machining is done at very high speed, the corresponding cutting force will be minimum. However, the high cutting speed causes high temperature at cutting edge, which leads to rapid plastic deformation of cutting edge. The zone B is taken as ideal for working, in this zone, the cutting edge does not undergo higher cutting force or higher temperature.

The cutting speed also depends upon the machinability factor of material to be machined. Commonly harder material machined at the lower speed and softer material at higher speed ranges.

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