Injection Moulding Application Advantages and Limitations -->

Injection Moulding Application Advantages and Limitations

injection moulding application

The term injection moulding normally used in conjunction with thermoplastic material. Simply it is the process of melting the thermoplastic and inject it into the mould.

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Application of injection moulding

Injection moulding is the most common and modern method for manufacturing plastic products. Most plastic products available today is produced by injection moulding. The industrial injection moulding is used to make items like wire spools, bottle caps, one-piece chairs, toys,furniture, automotive components, storage containers, mechanical parts, gears, medical devices such as syringes, valves, etc. Injection moulding is ideal for making a high volume of a single product. For moulding of small components, multiple cavity mould can be used.


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Advantages of injection moulding

  • One of the main advantages of injection moulding is that it is a rapid process and very economical in mass production.
  • Very fast process. The complete cycle can be as low as 10second. The process can be made completely automatic.
  • Complete flexibility in product design. Variety of plastic materials can be used in injection moulding machines.
  • Intricate shape of various size can be produced.
  • Consistency. Very good dimensional accuracy. The ready parts with excellent tolerance can be produced in one step.
  • High repeatability, a decently made mould tool has a very long life.
  • In general, the parts from injection moulding need no subsequent processing steps.
  • Very little wastage of material while manufacturing.
  • The inserts like screws and bearings can place in the mould and cast integrally with the product.

Disadvantages and limitations of injection moulding

  • The initial cost is very high.
  • For economical high volume of production is required.
  • Generally, the process is limited to thermoplastic only. Additional equipment is necessary for thermosetting plastic.
  • Reliable control for pressure and temperature is necessary.
  • Design changes are expensive.

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