Differences between Petrol and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) -->

Differences between Petrol and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

petrol vs lpg

Comparison between petrol and liquid petroleum gas

🔗Advantages and disadvantages of liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Petrol is in the liquid phase at ambient condition.
LPG is in gases sate at ambient condition, it is liquefied at high pressure.
Petrol has odour
LPG is odourless. Powerful odorant like ethanethiol is added to LPG to detect the fuel leakage.
Combustion is not clean as in the LPG
Clean combustion.
High emission when compared to LPG
Low emission
Ignition temperature is lower than LPG
High ignition temperature
Noisier and vibration when compared to LPG engine
Less vibration and noise.
Octane rating is in the range of 80-90
Octane rating is about 110
Lead is added to petrol to increase octane number. Lead is one of the major pollutants.
LPG is lead-free
High energy density
Low energy density
Fuel consumption is less when compared to LPG
Fuel consumption is around 10% more when compared to Petrol.
The petrol engine suffers the knocking. It is not as smooth as LPG engine.
Since LPG has higher octane number, the problem of knocking is eliminated and engine run smooth.
Crankcase dilution occurs in petrol engine.
There is no crankcase dilution in LPG engine.
If petrol leaks into the crankcase it washes away the lubricating layers on the wall of cylinder, that eventually lead more wear. It also carries the black carbon (unburned fuel) into the engine oil.
If LPG leaks into crank crankcase it does not cause the black carbon deposit and does not wash away the lubricating layer on the cylinder wall.
Carbon deposit on the spark plug decreases its expected life.
No carbon deposit on spark plug.
Carburetor is used to mix fuel with air and atomize the fuel.
Vaporizer is used to reduce the LPG pressure and vaporize it.
High vapor pressure, easy to start engine at low temperature.
Low vapor pressure, difficulty in engine starting at low temperature.

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