Recommended Solution For Different Type Of Carbide Tool Failure And Problems

Tungsten carbide drill

🔗Single point cutting tool geometry
🔗Types of Tool wear - Flank wear, Crater wear, Corner wear

Commonly observed tool failure and recommended solution for them are listed below. It is helpful to avoid premature tool failure and to increase tool life.

Solution for Tool wear:

  • Increase feed and speed.
  • Select the tool of proper grade and hardness.
  • Increase relief and clearance angle of tool.
  • Correct tool height adjustment.

Solution for built-up edge:

Solution for Chipping cracking and Breakage:
  • Increase feed and speed
  • Increase nose radius of tool.
  • Make sure the tool is not loose in the tool holder.
  • Check rigidness of workpiece.
  • Use negative rake and increase lead angle
  • Decease tool overhang as much as possible. Or use tool with greater shank cross section.

Solution for chatter:
  • Decrease overhang
  • Decrease nose angle and rake angle of tool
  • Increase feed but decrease cutting speed
  • Make sure workpiece properly clamped.
  • Increase clearance and relief angle.
  • Always check spindles and slides of machine.

Solution for Crater:
  • Increase speed but decrease feed
  • Use positive rake angle
  • Use harder grade tools
  • Coolant must possess good lubricating properties.
🔗Desirable properties of Cutting fluids

Solution for poor surface:
  • Decrease feed
  • Increase speed of tool
  • Increase nose radius and lead angles.
  • Make sure tool properly clamped.

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