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Fool Proofing of Location Devices

fool proofing

Foolproofing is a method which ensures the correct loading of components. This concept ensures that the component will fit into work holder only in its correct position. The location devices make it difficult/ impossible to the user to load component incorrectly in a jig and fixture. In order attain perfection in machining fixture should accept the workpiece in one position only.

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Foolproofing is done by incorporating some design features that do not interfere the loading and unloading of the component. It is achieved by using fool proofing pins and blocks.

Fig shows an example of fool proofing setup. In this operation, a hole is to be drilled on the opposite of flat side. Here the locating is done by pin L; the pin F is used to fool proofing. Foolproofing pin F made it impossible to load the given component in any other orientation.
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