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Scuderi Split Cycle Engine Advantages Disadvantages and Applications


What is split cycle engine

In conventional IC engines, each cylinder performs four strokes - intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. Split cycle engine divides these four strokes of internal combustion engine into two cylinders, one for intake and compression another for combustion and exhaust. The first cylinder takes air and compresses it; then compressed air passed into the second one through a crossover passage. In the second cylinder, the air-fuel mixture gets burned to give a power stroke then facilitate exhaustion. Conventional engine completes one cycle in two revolutions of the crankshaft to give one power stroke. However, the split-cycle engine provides two power stroke in two revolutions of the crankshaft. This means for every revolution of the crankshaft it gives a power stroke

🔗Working Principle of Scuderi Split Cycle Engine

Scuderi split cycle engine

It is an improved version of the split-cycle engine. It has two cylinder compression cylinder and power cylinder. The compression cylinder took air from the inlet and compressed it, while the power cylinder performs combustion and exhaust. I.e air compressor on one side and a combustion chamber at the other end. These two cylinders are connected through crossover passage. Scuderi split-cycle engine able to produce one power stroke per revolution of crankshafts just like a two-stroke engine.
The unique design of the Scuderi engine solves the problem with the previous model of split-cycle engine.

Advantages of Scuderi split cycle engine

  1. Clean combustion.
  2. The high compression ratio can be achieved – because the compression cylinder and power cylinder are independent.
  3. Reduce CO2 emission by 50%.
  4. Reduce NOx emission by 80%. Even though Scuderi Engine has a higher average temperature than a conventional engine, it has a lower peak temperature because of rapid combustion of fuel. It helps to reduce NOx (How scuderi engine reduce NOx emmission?)
  5. Increase fuel efficiency up to 50 %.
  6. High torque and power with greater efficiency.
  7. Design flexibility
    1. Built in Miller cycle
    2. Built-in turbocharger
    3. Built-in supercharger

Disadvantages of scuderi split cycle

  1. Cold air never enters into power cylinder results in the quick temperature rise. A cooling method is required at crossover passage or at the cylinder wall.
  2. High temperature may cause breakdown of lubricating oil.
  3. The crossover passage experiences high acceleration. The valve's durability depends on it.

Applications of Scuderi split cycle

  1. Scuderi technology can be applied to any internal combustion engine (gasoline, diesel, and natural gas, etc.)
  2. Air hybrid engine

- Design flexibility of Scuderi engine - Built in Miller cycle, supercharging, turbocharging, and Offset cylinders
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