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Advantages, Disadvantages And Applications of Centrifugal Compressor


Advantages of centrifugal compressor

  • Low weight, easy to design and manufacture.
  • Suitable for continuous compressed air supply, such as cooling unit.
  • The oil free in nature.
  • They have fewer rubbing parts.
  • High-flow rate than the positive displacement compressor.
  • Relatively energy efficient.
  • Wide range of rotational speed.
  • Centrifugal compressors are reliable, low maintenance.
  • Generating a higher pressure ratio per stage as compared to axial flow compressor.
  • It does not require special foundation.

Disadvantages of centrifugal compressor

  • Large frontal area for a given air flow rate compared to the axial flow compressor.
  • Unsuitable for very high compression, limited pressure.
  • They are sensitive to changes in gas composition.
  • They work at high speed, sophisticated vibration mounting needed.
  • Problem of surging, stalling and choking.

Applications of centrifugal compressor

  • Food and beverage industry - centrifugal compressor provides oil frees compressed air for some sensitive application such as food processing.
  • Centrifugal compressor meets high demand of compressed air.
  • Gas turbines, in automobile turbochargers and supercharger.
  • Oil refineries, natural-gas processing.
  • Refrigeration, air-conditioning and HVAC.
  • Manufacturing process compressed air for pneumatic tools.
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