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Comparison between Steam Separator and Steam Trap

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Steam separator and steam trap are almost same in function. Both used to avoid the problem caused by water residue in the steam.

Steam separator

  • The steam separator is a device which separates water particle from steam.
  • It used to increase the dryness fraction (quality) of steam before it enters into turbine or engine.
  • They usually employ a chamber to collect condensate and a drain valve which activates automatically as per the pre-set water level in the chamber.
  • Large surface areas exposed to an environment that causes considerable heat loss. Some of them need an insulation jacket to avoid heat loss.
  • They mainly classified into baffle separator, centrifugal separator, and mechanical coalescing separator.

Steam trap

  • Steam trap filter out condensate and non-condensate gases such as air, CO2 without leaking of steam.
  • The main function is to avoid accumulation of condensate in steam ducts and pipe.
  • They are simply automatic valves working under different mechanism.
  • Radiation loss is very low as compared to steam separators.
  • They are classified into the thermostatic trap, mechanical trap (or density trap), and thermodynamic trap.
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