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What Is the Difference Between Clutch and Coupling?


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Comparison between clutch and shaft coupling?



Clutch is a device that provides a temporary connection between the driver and driven shaft.


Coupling makes the permanent and semi-permanent connection between two shaft ends.


Used where driven shaft/ driven machine required to be in intermittent service.


Coupling used where driven shaft required to be in continuous service.


Clutch allow disconnection during the operation. Provide a mechanism for rapid engagement and disengagement during the operation at the operator will.


It does not allow disconnection of the shaft during the normal operation (Torque limiting coupling allow slipping when torque limit is exceeded). Connection is in permanent nature, so there is no mechanism for quick connection and disconnection.


Clutch transmit power between two colinear shafts.


Coupling used to transmit power between colinear as well as non-collinear shafts.


The driven shaft can run at variable speed.


In coupling, the driven shaft run at the same speed as the driveshaft.


Example: Disc clutch, Cone clutch, Centrifugal clutch, Electromagnetic clutch


Example: Universal coupling, Oldham coupling

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