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Electron Beam Machining EBM Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages


EBM applications

EBM now found application in many industrial equipments. Special characteristics of EBM, such as high-resolution long depth of field, make them suited for specific application. Other special characterises are their extraordinary high energy, controllability and compatibility with high vacuum. It also has the ability to catalyse many chemical reactions. EBM is used to cut and hole making on thin material. Hole drilling is the main application of EBM (e.g. wire drawing dies, making of the fine gas orifice). It can cut thin hole and slots in metals, plastics and ceramics of any hardness. It finds application in food, chemical, aerospace, textile, and automobile industries.

EBM advantages

  • EBM can effectively cut very thin holes of large aspect ratio. It can cut almost any programmable hole shape.
  • It can use for machining of both metal and non-metal.
  • EBM is precise and distortion free. It can achieve micro finishing.
  • EBM does not apply direct force/ pressure on workpiece, so brittle and fragile material can be machined without the danger of fracture.
  •  It is used to the machining of highly reactive metals under vacuum.
  • EBM can be used to cut holes and slots in metal, ceramic, plastic etc.
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EBM limitations

  • EBM is expensive; it involves high capital cost. Maintenance cost is also high.
  • Vacuum must be provided to reduce contamination.
  • The EBM requires a vacuum. The time need for evacuating chamber is also included in the time of manufacturing.
  • Since EBM is done in a vacuum, there is a limit to the size of components to be handle.
  • Even though the shorter pulse reduces the heat effecting zone, there is still some thermal effect may remain in the machined edges.
  • The metal removal rate is very low when compared to other methods.
  • A highly skilled operator is required.

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