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Advantages of 12V Ignition System over 6V Battery Ignition

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12V battery ignition versus 6V battery ignition

Until the 1950s the motor vehicle used 6V ignition system since it requires only three cell (of 2V) battery to create 6 Volts system. They are lighter than the 12V battery of same watt-hour capacity. As compression ratio and engine speed increased, the voltage requires to satisfactory ignition of the engine is also increased.

The advantages of 12V ignition system over a 6V ignite is listed below

  • The number of accessories can be connected to battery since it giving adequate power supply.
  • Improve the starting of engine since twice power is available for ignition during staring.
  • Considerably higher voltage is obtained.
  • For transmitting same power without excessive voltage drop, the thickness of wire required in 6V system is theoretically two times thicker than the wire used for 12V system.
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