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What Is Meant By Tool Grinding?

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Manufacturing tool wears during the cutting operation, it is important to replace it as soon as it becomes dull or after its tool life. In some cases, the dull cutting tool can reuse after retaining its cutting edges. Tool grinding is the process of reshaping a tool. The tool grinding machine is designed to sharpen a variety of tools. It assures the essential accuracy of the tool geometry (angles).

In general cutting tool is ground by offhand grinding machine, the tool grinding is entirely to the judgment of workman, and such operation requires high skill and experience. Press the tool against the rotating grinding wheel face and transverse it continuously across the wheel to avoid local heating. Even though the soft-free cutting grinding wheel wear rapidly than a hard one, soft-free cutting grinding wheel is preferred for tool grinding. In long running the soft-free cutting grinding wheel economical because it reduces the injury of the tool due to overheating while grinding. The overheating problem also eliminated by reducing the grinding wheel rotating speed. The application of coolant and the type of coolant is depended on the material of the tool and type of grinding (soft grinding, rough grinding).

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