Application, Advantages and Limitations of Broaching -->

Application, Advantages and Limitations of Broaching


Applications of broaching

Broaching can be used for cutting of any material. But it works best for soft metal like aluminium and copper alloys, plastic, polymer, wood, etc… Even though hard material like titanium can be broached, but do not prefer to do so because the broach will dull quickly.  Broaching operation is used for machining of gears, holes, splines, keyways. They are very economical in the production of irregularly shaped long holes. Broaching is used to cutting of grooves and splines in forging as well as in casting.

Advantages of broaching

  • High production rate and low cycle. Broaching operation is faster than other metal cutting operation. Then the price per piece will be low for broaching.
  • Many operations replaced by broaching. A single stroke of broach can do both rough cutting and finishing operations.
  • Broach has long life because each tooth takes only one small cut in single operation.
  • The temperature of workpiece fairly constant, thus avoiding the error due to thermal stress.
  • The cutting force on workpiece act in the clamping direction, it assists in holding/ clamping of workpiece firmly in position.
  • Broach can be used for both internal and external cutting operations.
  • Good surface finish. High dimensional accuracy and close tolerance.
  • Broaching operation is simple and does not require highly skilled worker.
  • Application of cutting fluid is very easy.

Disadvantages of broaching

  • High initial cost for a customized broach.
  • Design, restoration, sharpening of broach is expensive.
  • Surface to be machined should not have an obstruction in the way broch travel.
  • Broaching is useful only for low chip loads or light cuts. It can not use for heavy works.
  • Broaching does not use for delicate and very light jobs.
  • One broach can use to one procedure only. Separate broach is required for whenever geometry of job changes.
  • It is economic only for mass production.
  • Only used for machining through holes and linear surface cut.

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