What Is Meant By Petroil lubrication System (Two-Stroke Oil)? Problems Related to Petroil


Unlike the oil sump in the four-stroke engine, the two-stroke engine does not have a dedicated lubrication system. In two-stroke engine crankshaft and connecting rods are exposed to fuel, so lubrication of these types of the engine is done by mixing special oil with gasoline and distributed to the crankcase. This fuel-oil mix is known as petroil. Because they used in the two-stroke engine, it is also known as two-stroke oil.

Importance correct mixing ratio of petroil

It is very important to mix right amount and the correct type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. The fuel oil ratio mainly depends on engine design (output power, speed). The recommended fuel oil ratio varies from 16:1 to 100:1, but the typical ratio is 50:1 (50 part fuel, 1part oil). Most engines recommend a standard ratio of  'TC-W3.'

Problem with overuse of oil in petroil

The overuse of oil in petroil lowers the octane no of fuel where poor engine performance is the result. Oil is one of the main causes of high pollution of the two-stroke engine. This oil is burned along with the fuel that increases the emission.

  • Recommended ratio usually writes on or next the fuel cap of the engine.
  • Do not try to fill fuel and oil separately. To make sure they mix thoroughly homogeneously, mix them in separate can or bottle.

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