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Hysteresis Clutch - Features And Applications

Hysteresis clutch is the type of electromagnetic clutch have an extremely high torque range. It has no mechanical contact between the rotating parts. An electrically powered hysteresis clutch is illustrated above. It consists of a field (coil), rotor and hysteresis plate. The hysteresis plate passes through the rotor, without touching it.

When current applied to the coil, it creates a magnetic flux. When flux is high enough, it magnetizes hysteresis disc. The magnetic drag during the rotor rotation cause rotation of the hysteresis disc, eventually it matches the input speed. The torque created depending on the current that energizes the coil.

Features of Hysteresis clutch

In a hysteresis clutch, there is no contact, they do not depend on a friction or shear forces for torque transfer, so no wear occurred during the operation. As a result, it provides an extremely long life and gives superior torque repeatability. They ensure a smooth operation with almost no maintenance.

Application of Hysteresis clutch

They are suited where strict precision is required, such as bolting, bottle capping machine, and other screw applications. Their clean nature eliminates the fear of contamination, so they are ideal for food processing system
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