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Desirable Properties Of Coal

  1. High-energy content or calorific value. Anthracite variety of coal has high calorific value.
  2. Low sulphur content - Coals naturally contain sulphur. Burning coal is the primary human-caused source of sulphur dioxide. SO2 is an air pollutant, the main cause of acidic rain. So it is desired low sulphur content in coal.
  3. Low ash content- Ash is a noncombustible residue after combustion of coal. It is an indicator for quality of coal. It is represented as the percentage of original weight.
  4. Excellent weatherability - Weatherability defined as the ability to resist weathering process.
  5. Good burning characteristics - Complete combustion without agitation.
  6. Good grindability - sometimes it is needed to grind coal before burning. Good coal should not cause high abrasion on the machine.
  7. High ash softening temperature - High Ash softening temperature lower the risk of slagging.

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