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Standard Welding Terms and Definitions

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Backing - It is the material placed on the root side of a weld for supporting of molten metal until it solidifies and facilitates complete penetration.

Base metal - The metal to be joined.

Bead (weld bead) - It is a deposit of weld metal during single pass welding.

Cap - It is the last bead of weld joint.

Crater - The depression on weld at the point where the arc strikes the base metal.

Deposition rate - The rate at which welds metal is deposited on the base metal. It is expressed in kg/h.

Fillet weld - The weld of two mutually perpendicular material.

Flux - Material that used to avoid weld defect.

Penetration - The maximum depth at which molten metal penetrates on base metal and then combines them. It is measured from the top surface of the joint.

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Paddle - The hole in the weld joint created by the heat of welding. It is used when the sheet metal needed to weld together.

Root - The nearest points between the metal to be joined.

Tack weld - A small temporary welding to hold workpiece together during the actual welding.

Toe of weld - The junction between weld metal and base metal.

Torch - A device to deliver flames during the welding.

Weld face - The exposed surface of the weld joint.

Weld metal - Metal that solidifies to join metal, it may be base metal or base metal along with filler metal.

Weld Pass - The single movement of the electrode or torch that results weld bead.

Weld bevel - Angle cut at the edge of base metal to assist penetration of molten metal.
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