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Comparison Between Green Sand Moulds And Dry Sand Moulds

Sand moulded casting is characterized by the use of sand as a moulding material. Sand moulded casting is the simplest and most versatile casting method used to make castings. Sand is the most popular molding material due to its heat receptivity, permeability and low cost. Over 60% of metal casting is done by using sand moulds. Sand moulds are broadly classified into two Green sand moulds and Dry sand moulds.


Here is the difference between Green sand moulds and Dry sand moulds

Green sand moulds

Dry sand moulds

It is called “green” in the sense that it is wet

It is not wet. It does not require moisture to develop the strength. Special drying equipment is needed fot drying.

Since it is not strong, the green sand mould cannot be used for complex casting shapes.

Dry sand mouldings are stronger when compared to wet sand mould.

The moisture present in moulding cause defect in certain metal casting.

Reduce the defects caused by moisture.

Green sand mould may get damaged during handling. Also, it cannot store for a long period of time.

Compared to green sand mould, dry sand mould wouldn’t get damaged easily.

Low dimensional accuracy and surface finish are not up to the mark.

Better surface finish.

It is less time-consuming

More time consuming

Less permeability

More permeable than green sand moulding.

They are used for making grills, weights, moulding boxes etc.

Used for making parts like larger rolls, gear housing etc.

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