What Is The Effect Of Micro Structure On Machining? -->

What Is The Effect Of Micro Structure On Machining?

Effect Of Micro Structure On Machining

The physical properties of the material vary with the microstructure of material. The material microstructure determines the mechanical and thermal behavior of machining.  The high degree of homogeneity has closely packed small grains which results in poor finish, buildup edges, tearing of material and decreases the overall machinability of material. That is the reason for the difficulty in machining of the full solid solution, pure metals such as iron and copper. A heterogeneous material whose component is segregated into large grain (Example: wrought iron) is also had poor machinability.

🔗What is machinability index?

Generally, the material having uniformly dispersed hard and soft components give a good machining property. I.e. a uniformly dispersed heterogeneous metal structure gives the best machining.

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