Differentiate Centre Of Gravity, Centre Of Buoyancy And Metacentre? -->

Differentiate Centre Of Gravity, Centre Of Buoyancy And Metacentre?

cetre of gravity metacente centre of buoyancy

Centre of gravity

Centre of gravity is an imaginary point at which the weight of body can be assumed to act. For a uniformly distributed mass, the centre of gravity will be same as the geometrical centre of that object. The concept of centre of gravity helps us to design of static objects, predict the behaviour of moving objects.

Buoyancy and centre of Buoyancy

Buoyancy is defined as the upward force exerted on a body by a fluid when body immersed in the fluid. Force of buoyancy is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.

negative, neutral and positive buoyancy

Negative Buoyancy: the weight of object greater than the buoyant force. The body will sink in this situation.

Positive Buoyancy: the weight of object less than the buoyant force. In this situation, the body will float.

Neutral Buoyancy: the weight of body is equal to the buoyancy, as result the resultant vertical force is zero and the body will hover in fluid.

Centre of Buoyancy is defined as a point through which the buoyancy is supposed to act. It is same as the centre of gravity of fluid displaced by the body (because of the force of buoyancy equal to the weight of fluid displaced by the body).

Metacentre and metacentric height

When a floating body is given slight angular displacement, it starts to oscillate about a point, this point is known as meta-centre. Metacentre is the meeting point of the line of action of bouncy and normal axis of body when body is given a tilt.

Metacentric height is the distance between the metacentre and centre of gravity of body. It is the measurement of the initial static stability of floating body. The larger metacentric height for floating body means that it has more stability against overturning.

👉Centre of Buoyancy - for both floating and submerged body; Metacentre – for floating body.
👉The centre of gravity metacentre and centre of buoyancy help us to determine the stability of floating and submerged bodies.
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