Advantages and Disadvantages of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle over Air Refrigeration System

pour compresssion system


  1. Size is small when compared to an air refrigeration system for a given capacity of refrigeration.
  2. Volume of refrigerant circulated is low. Hence the running cost is low.
  3. High coefficient of performance.
  4. The operating temperature range is huge.
  5. The temperature at the evaporator can be easily controlled by regulating expansion valve.
  6. Latent heat involved in Phase change ensures high value of heat removal, while air refrigeration system has sensible heat only. 
  7. It requires smaller evaporator.
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  1. High initial cost, costly refrigerant.
  2. Environmental hazardous refrigerant involved.
  3. Must ensure the prevention of leakage of refrigerant..

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