Difference Between Pitot Tube And Pitot-Static Tube (Prandtl Tube) -->

Difference Between Pitot Tube And Pitot-Static Tube (Prandtl Tube)

comparison pitot tube and pitot static tube

Pitot tube and pitot-static tube are similar; both are used to find out the local velocity of fluid. However, they differ in construction. (Read: Construction of Pitot tube). The pitot tube consists a single inner tube to measure the stagnation pressure. A separate hole is provided somewhere else to measure static pressure and hence to find the velocity of fluid flow by using the differential head.

The pitot-static tube, also known as Prandtl tube measures both stagnation pressure and static pressure using the same device. It consists two holes in the tube. The inner hole is known as stagnation tube, which measures stagnation pressure. The outer one is known as static tube, which measures static pressure. The inner tube directed to upstream while the opening of the outer tube is directed to perpendicular to the flow lines.

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