Chip Removal and Chipless Machining Process -->

Chip Removal and Chipless Machining Process


There are two types of machining
  1. Chip removal process
  2. Chipless process (or non-chip removal process)

Chip removal process

In chip removal process the layers of metal from the parent metal (workpiece) separated in the form of chips to obtain the required dimension and shape. In this process, a compressive force is applied to shear off the material in the small pieces known as chips. The various chip removal process are turning, shaping, drilling, boring, grinding, honing.

Chipless process

Required form and dimension obtained by without removing material from workpieces. Force is applied to change the shape of the material. Examples of the chipless process are forging, rolling, spinning, stamping, embossing.

Non-conventional machining process in which very small material removal takes place at the molecular level also considered as a chipless machining process. Example electrolysis.

The mechanical finishing process burnishing considered as a chipless process.
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