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Difference between Single Plate Clutch and Multi Plate Clutch

Single plate clutch vs Multi plate clutch

Single Plate Clutch
Multi Plate Clutch
As the name suggests, single plate clutch consists of a clutch plate whose both sides are coated with a frictional material.
The multi Plate clutch consists more than one clutch plate.
Torque transmitting capacity is less.
High torque transmitting capacity or multi plate clutch is smaller than the single plate clutch for a given torque capacity.
 Heat generation is less, so there is no need of a cooling medium. It is called “dry clutches.
( why single plate clutches are dry and multi-plate clutch are wet ?)
Heat generation is more due to more frictional surface. So it needs a cooling medium and referred as “wet type” clutch.
The coefficient of friction is high.
The coefficient of friction is low.
Faster response; Clutch engagement is almost instantaneous.
Clutch engagement not instantaneous.
Single plate clutch used where large radial space available. e.g. Trucks ,Cars
Multiple Disc clutch is used where compact construction is desirable. E.g. Motorcycle, Scooter.

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  • Racing cars including Formula 1 use multiple disc clutch because it gives best engine speed acceleration.

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why single plate clucth are dry,multi plate clutch are wet

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