Application of Torque Converter. How Torque Converter Differ From Normal Fluid Coupling

torque convertor

Application of torque converter

  • Automatic transmission in automobile and another heavy duty vehicle
  • In marine propulsion system, railway locomotive
  • Industrial power transmission such as conveyors, drilling rigs
  • Construction equipment
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What Is A Torque Converter?

Comparison between Torque Converter and Fluid Coupling

Torque Converter
Fluid Coupling
Construction elements - Impellor turbine blade and stator
Construction elements- impeller and turbine blade

Stator and turbine use the curved blades
Straight blades are used

Torque multiplication possible

Torque multiplication not possible

Returning oil aid the movement of  impellor

Returning oil oppose the direction of impeller, and it cause energy loss as heat

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